Newsletter2homeProudly presenting the quarterly zine Street.  Featuring an image sequence with a focus on street art that employs text, images, and other diverse visual media, Street hops cities from Seattle to Chicago, Jerusalem to Damascus, and Dresden to Santa Cruz.  Interweaving a reading experience by turns heart-warming and troubling, amusing and inciting, Street celebrates DIY culture and the city itself, all the while affirming the spirit a young generation coming up in media-saturated consumer culture.

The first subscription was snapped up by The Getty Research Center in LA  –order yours today !

Street is a 13-page, 4 x 4.5in photo zine which was printed at Girlie Press in Seattle, WA.
Binding is hand-sewn pamphlet stitch using xtra-strong black thread.
Colophon includes bibliographic information + locations.
Subscriptions will be mailed quarterly.
Email news letters will be quarterly (not to exceed 6 per year).
First Edition, First Printing = 25 copies
All revenue supports the production of Street.